Belinda Hall is a world-wide travel photographer with specialties in vacation rental, commercial, real estate, product and portrait photography. In addition to 19 years of  professional experience Belinda trained with world-class photographers at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. Her photographic brand, My Creative Purpose, was founded in 2002.  

With a wide range of clients from Wyndham, Southern Living, Nation-wide Builders, Restaurants, Commercial projects and numerous publications she has utilized each opportunity to broaden her shooting styles and widely expand upon her diverse shooting ability. 

With vision, creativity and the use of technical skills, Belinda strives to make your design, products or food look as appealing and detailed in photographs as they are in person, helping you to maximize your advertising potential. You can expect quality photography, professionalism and quick turnaround when you choose to work with Belinda. To learn more about the services she offers please Contact Today!